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Thursday, November 10, 2005

As a matter of fact, a tornado did just pass through here...

I have been plugging away at the Monkey tote (I am now officially calling it a tote, because I don't think I am going to do the whole "backpack" thing-my sister is not a backpack kinda girl), working the gusset in simple garter. The whole gusset is supposed to be 441/2" long, but after about 10 inches I needed to add a new ball of blue. Only one problem-I couldn't find it. Not yet in a panic, I looked through yarn bin #1, where I put all the yarn I plan on using for Christmas gifts. Not there. So on to bin #2, mostly wool and sock yarn. Nope. Ok, now I was getting a little worried. I found my order invoice, to make sure I had even ordered enough of the stuff, and sure enough, I had. Then I began to rack my brain, thinking if I had used it for something else, with a plan that I would order more for the tote (yet another good reason to blog and take pics of my progress), but alas, nothing came to mind. So on to the bedroom, to bin #3. Nada. I was beginning to get a wee bit testy at this point. By the time I got to bin #6, yarn was being hurtled across the room, in a frantic effort to find THAT @#&$ BALL OF YARN! Sweating, a wild look in my eye and hair messier than usual, a myriad of obscenities spilled out of my mouth. This of course prompted my son to come see what I was up to. Upon walking in he exclaimed, "what happened here! It looks like a tornado-its a disaster!" Realizing that my son had that look on his face, the look that says, 'I will be retelling this story to my therapist one day', I quickly gathered up my wanton yarn, took a deep breath, and thought hard. Being a desperate clever woman, I decided to improvise. The yellow and pink leftover from the monkey motif were almost full skeins, so the tote would be a tad more colorful than I had planned. Still not sure what to do about the handle (another reason she is getting a tote, not a backpack), but we shall see. Necessity being the mother of invention, my lack of organizational skills is the mother of necessity. Which I guess makes me the mother of clutter.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture of the tote put together, sans lining and handles, but I will have to see how tonight goes-it is bath night for the kiddies. Below is a picture of what else I did today. Miss V thought it was dinner-I promised her its not. Details on this little side project later, but just in case you can't stand the suspense, here is a hint.

Gotta run-Miss V has dance!


  • What a blog tease you are! I peeked at your "hint" but am still left wondering about your mysterious side project. Patience has never been one of my strong suits! ;-) Okay, are you channeling me or am I channeling you? Remember I told you that I was planning to make a backpack from SnB for my sister? Well, just tonight (and I swear this is true) I changed my mind and decided on a tote instead. Mostly because I'm too lazy to deal with the straps and seaming, but still. Your tornado had global ramifications- who knew? Looking forward to seeing more pics of your tote. And BTW, are "bath night" and "every night" mutually exclusive?? :-) (Just kidding!)

    By Blogger candsmom, at 2:54 AM  

  • Oh no! How mysterious--do you think the order was short? Well, I think the colorful strap will be a nice touch, even though you had not planned on it. I love the tote idea. I find this much more wearable than the backpack--and despite the monkey motif, it is a little more mature ;) Didn't you say she is 28? hehe

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    By Blogger Lolly, at 2:06 PM  

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