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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


There are so many things I am thankful for, I just don't even know where to begin. Health and family are big ones, my home, my beautiful children, my wonderful husband-just to name a few. I could go on and on-I am literally thankful for every little thing in my life. I own nothing fancy-from underwear to car-but it does not matter to me. My house is tiny, but full of love. I have family close that I will be spending the day with, and there will be so much food left over we will eat off it for days. And of course there is this blog, and the whole knitting community. It still amazes me how two sticks and strings can bring me such joy, but boy does it. The people I have 'met' on-line, and continue to everyday-for that I am thankful. I live in a small town in Anywhere, USA, yet I am able to share with people I may not have otherwise had a chance to know. From Chicago, to Maryland, Hawaii to Canada, and all the way to France and England, I have made friends all because we share a love of knitting. But it has become so much more. I find myself thinking about my blog friends when they or someone they love is sick, remember (or try!) their birthdays, cry when they have a lost, and rejoice with them when good news is shared. My world is a little bigger and a lot better, and I am thankful for all of you who make it possible. Thank you.

Hope this Thanksgiving finds you where you want to be, sharing good food and lots of love, and happy memories in your heart.



  • what a lovely sentiment - happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

    By Blogger jennifer, at 11:17 PM  

  • What a beautiful post, Teresa! You are so articulate and eloquent, and this world is a better place for having you in it. I am thankful for having "met" you, too. Reading your comments and posts always puts a smile on my face. Thank you for all the happiness you bring! Most of all, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope it's a wonderful day, spent sharing and connecting with those who love you the most. :-) Love, C.

    By Blogger candsmom, at 12:33 AM  

  • I wish you and your family Happy Thanksgiving! We donĀ“t have this holiday in my county but through countless of american TV shows (Friends, Fresh Prince, Gilmore Girls, Familiy Ties, 90210 etc)we heard about it!

    By Blogger Cat, at 4:12 PM  

  • What a nice post. First time I've read your blog & look forward to reading more. I am sure your Thanksgiving was all you hoped it to be.

    By Blogger Gwen, at 10:20 AM  

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