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Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday, Monday...

This weekend just flew by. The weather was crummy - rainy, cold and overcast. So we were all stuck in the house with each other, and many games of Yahtzee were played. We went out to the store on Saturday night, and upon coming out were immediately subjected to cold hard rain. The kids and I stayed in the store while, Adam, my husband, went to get the van. Despite his best heroic efforts, we were soaking wet by the time we got home, and did not venture out again the rest of the weekend.

Some knitting progress was made, but does not feel like much. I made my dear daughter Miss V some glittens, as per her request. I used the pattern from Redlipstick, bringing down the needle size a bit so they would be smaller, and she was very pleased with the outcome. They were made with Red Heart in Camouflage (the grays, not green). I would prefer to use something wooly, but she has sensitive skin and likes something soft. I thought about merino, but she was adamant about the camo color, so there ya go. Seen here lounging outside, they are relaxing a bit before the harsh winter comes, one of them goes missing, and Miss V decides she wants something different anyway. Another good reason to use cheap acrylic with the kids.

The other item I have been working on is a gift for my sister Courtney who turns 28 on Friday. She has been monkey crazy for as long as I can remember. She used to carry around our younger brother like he was her pet monkey, which was some feat cconsidering they are only 23 months apart and were the same height. Anyhow, I decided to knit her up the tote from Stitch n Bitch. Here is my progress thus far. I am hoping that I can find some cute material for the lining, but need to worry about finishing it first. It is the assembly I am sweating, not the knitting, which is pretty straightforward once the monkey face is complete. I am eager to see how it turns out.

The other item I actually completed (and started) this weekend, along with the glittens, was a quick scarf for my mom. She lost over 80 pounds this past spring/summer, so she needed a new winter coat. She requested something long and with lots of fringe, and this is what she is getting. The yarn is Lion Boucle, I am not sure the color (stash yarn), and I used Homespun in yet a different color for the fringe. Just a simple 3x1 rib, not that it can actually be seen.

That about sums it up for the weekend. Miss V did not have school today, so it has been a long one. Here is a gratuitous pic of my darling babies. Miss Veronica is 7 and Scottie is 4.

Until next time...


  • he-my sister is monkey crazy too! Perhaps I should make her this little satchel. How is that intarsia going? That was the wain reason for not already trying it...

    Look at those cuties! :)Do we get a picture of you too one of these days? ;)

    So glad you are blogging now!

    By Blogger Lolly, at 8:34 AM  

  • Your kids are just adorable! :-) I love the lounging glittens- very cute. The image of your sister carrying around your brother like a pet monkey was too funny! I got so excited when I saw the monkey backpack you're making...that's what I'm making (hopefully) for my crazy sister for Christmas, too. Or New Year's. We'll see how the time management goes. :-P Yours looks fantastic! I love the blue background. Like Lolly, I was worried about the intarsia, but having seen yours, I'm excited to cast-on now.

    By Blogger candsmom, at 2:11 PM  

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