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Friday, November 11, 2005


I have just a couple minutes-today is one of those hectic days, and no matter how fast I think I am moving, it seems I am still two steps behind. I will blog about the ongoing "monkey-tote" saga soon, but for now there are just a few things I want to say.

First, a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" to my little sister Courtney. She turns 28 today, which is really hard for me to wrap my mind around. My baby brother turned 26 last month, and I have not even begun to get used to saying that, so it is hard to believe she is two years away from 30 (sorry sis, but 'tis so ;-) ) !
I love you Cork-hope this day and the coming year is everything you wish for and more.

Second, take a moment today to remember all those who served, as well as those who continue to serve today. Whatever your beliefs, many men and women have sacrificed and are still doing so everyday, and I believe that itself is worth a moment of reflection. The Harlot puts it much better than I ever could, so hop on over there and check out what she has to say.

And to my dear Grandpa Garth: I miss you so very much, especially on a day like today, when the sun is shining, the leaves crunch under my feet, and the smell of winter is in the air. You were and still are the bravest soldier I have ever known, both on and off the battlefield. A hero isn't where you fight the battle, but how you fight it, and sometimes the biggest battle is in a hospital bed on a warm March day. You knew your enemy, gave it a hell of a fight, but in the end admitted defeat with so much dignity and grace that no one could really say you 'lost'. Like Frank sang, you did it your way. I love you.

On that, I'm outta here...



  • Happy Birthday to your sister! I recently read a post on "happy numbers," and apparently, 28 is one of those happy numbers. Mathematically guaranteed to be a wonderful year for your sister! And thank you for reflecting upon those who have served in your eloquent post. I read Stephanie's post this morning and was very moved by what she had to say. I honor all those who've served and who continue to serve to defend our freedom to believe whatever it is we want to believe. Because of their courage and sacrifice, we have that right and I am grateful. And I am so sorry about your grandfather, Teresa. Your beautiful tribute brought tears to my eyes.

    By Blogger candsmom, at 5:40 PM  

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