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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday: Here Comes the Fun...

As some of you may know, there is a blog project called Self Portrait Tuesday (click on the button in sidebar to be directed to the site). Lolly and several other knit bloggers participate, and I have found I really enjoy looking at their photos. Now, I hate having my picture taken. A hate that 'burns with the intensity of a thousand suns' hate. I don't know why, but I just do. My avoidance of the camera means there are not many pictures of me in the family photo albums, and that is a real shame. I remember reading about one woman, who after Sept. 11, said that she wished she had more pictures of her mom. You see, her mom, much like me, did not enjoy having her picture taken. But she was lost like so many others that terrible Tuesday, and now her children and grandchildren were left with too few precious photos of her. I began to take lots more pictures of my kids, husband, my parents, in-laws, etc., but still dodge the camera whenever it is pointed in my direction. However, when the day comes and my children want to look at pictures of their parents, I want to be in them-not hiding behind my husband, or with a hand in front of my face-but smiling, crying, laughing, whatever. I just want to be there-hair combed or not.

So back to the self portraits. By forcing myself, every week, to turn the camera on myself, maybe I will start to get over it. It looks like such fun, being creative and exploring yourself, that I thought I would give it a go. So here goes:

This is my "gee, are we having fun yet?" face

Whew! Having gotten that out of the way, let us get back to the knitting. Worked some more on the Monkey tote, but it is all stockinette and not much to look at. Instead, here is the scarf I have been working at on and off for my husband's aunt - yet another Christmas gift. Do you recognize this pattern? Yup, its Branching Out from Knitty, done in Knit Picks "Shadow" (double stranded), color Redwood Forest. In-law gifts don't need to be finished by Christmas, because we don't celebrate with them until the weekend after, however this is such a fun, pretty pattern that I like to pick it up when I get tired of whatever project I should be knitting. I know I am not alone here-we all have our "diversion knits", the ones we really enjoy doing but shouldn't be doing because there is the scarf you promised your sister, or the socks for your best friend, or the gloves for your husband & winter is just around the corner...aaahhhh!! I'll just stop right there, thankyouverymuch.

The weather is a beautiful 59 degrees, sunny, and not even the slightest breeze. So what am I doing inside, sitting in front of the computer?

...later - I'm outta here!


  • If I were half as pretty as you, you couldn't STOP me from getting in front of a camera! :-) Very thoughtful post, especially the part about 9/11. I don't like having my picture taken either, but I agree with you...I think it would be very sad not to be able to reflect on all those precious memories captured on film. Hair combed or not. It's such an important piece of personal history, especially for the kids. So kudos to you for making the leap of faith! BTW, your Branching Out is beautiful.

    By Blogger candsmom, at 7:45 PM  

  • love it, and i loved your explanation about why you are participating

    By Blogger kath red, at 3:55 AM  

  • Great post, Teresa. You are so right--visual imagery is so important, and really is so meaningful. Your justification for joining the SPT project is perfect. Speaking of archives: I tend to treat my blog as my personal archive. It is like our own little scrapbook. The added plus is that your readers get the benefit of seeing your lovely face! (wow! look at those eyes--you are stunning!) I look forward to many more Self Portrait Tuesdays. ;)


    By Blogger Lolly, at 9:21 AM  

  • Also wanted to tell you that I love the banner with the vintage girl and the argyle. I *heart* argyle (wish I could knit it--all of that intarsia!) and love vintage icons. So cool ;)

    By Blogger Lolly, at 10:25 AM  

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