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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

busy, busy, busy.....

I have been a shameful blogger, and for that I apologize. The last few weeks have just flown by. They have been full of all sorts of things, and it just seems that every time I went to sit down at the computer something else came up and I would tell myself that I would blog later, but then another day went by, then another-you get the picture. In fact, the computer hasn't even been turned on most days, which in this house is a Christmas miracle in and of itself.

I wish I could say that all that has kept me away from the blog was knitting, but alas, it was not. Three family members had surgery within a week's time. None of them serious, but surgery is surgery, and there was visits all over town since all three of them were at different hospitals. There has also been lots of baking, as well as the quest for the perfect tree, a class party for Miss V (I was in charge of the games-whee!), an early Christmas celebration with my dad's side of the family, being confined to bed for two days with a nasty cold, the kids getting subsequent cold, then hubby coming down with it (which as we all know is way worse then two little kids with said cold), and so on and so forth. Add to this an early holiday break for Miss V (she is off all this week, as well as the next), and Scottie's new hobby of wrapping up everything in site with every scrap of paper he can get his hands on. Mind you, I am not claiming to be any busier than the rest of you out there, but for some reason the blog fell to the back of the 'things to do' list. However, I am trying to redeem myself, and get back to some sense of normalcy before all the craziness of the weekend creeps in on me.

Some knitting was accomplished, just in time for a Holiday Countdown KAL update. Behold my pretties:

A bevy of holiday gifts, all done and ready to be wrapped. Three, count 'em three, Letter Have It purses from "S-n-B Nation"; and one pair of Cigar gloves for dear old dad (yes he does smoke cigars, thankyouverymuch). The purses are actually for a friend's daughters-there is a 'n', 'j', and 'l'. Those purses are fun, but a lot of detail work. She did not want the zipper put in on any of them (hallelujah!!), so they are just snapped. You will have to use your imagination, but there was also a Winecozy in green with black stripes for Adam's boss, but I forgot to get a picture of it and it has already been gifted. I am still finishing up my grandpa's scarf, and my sister-in-law's scarf has been abandoned. I adore her, but girl went out and bought herself not one but two pink lace scarves last week. I forgive her this trespass, since she is not a knitter nor did she ask me for a pink lace scarf specifically (and I will finish and keep the scarf in progress for myself), but on the other hand now I find myself trying to figure out what to do. No worries though-I will come up with something-I still have 4 days. That is like an eternity to a knitter, right? And then something for my brother, and that is it. Compared to last year, I am really ahead of the game, and quite proud of myself.
Please-hold your laughter and let me have my moment. Please and thank you.

Here is the kids with Santa. They had a good visit, and both of them talked the jolly old elf's ear right off. They think big-they must get that from their dad (ha ha).

And for Lolly:

Ok, back to work. Do you realize there are only four days until Christmas?



  • Hooray, you're back!! :-) Whew, you HAVE been busy. I cracked up at your comment about DH's cold. They are the absolute WORST! My DH is more of a baby than any baby I've given birth to when he comes down with the sniffles. Your letter have it bags are fantastic!! Your nieces will love them for sure. (And thank goodness for the "no zippers" clause!) The cigar gloves are awesome, too. Your tree is beautiful and I love the little Hermie elf- spunky little misfit. Your twosome are just adorable, too. We tried the picture with Santa, but Bossy wound up an only child in the pic as Stinky's bloody murder screams pierced the mall. :-P Four days and counting!! Take care, Teresa! :-)

    By Blogger candsmom, at 2:21 PM  

  • Goodness girlfriend, you are being way to hard on yourself. This is a crazy time of year - and it is not like you have not been busy! That being said, I am so happy to see your new blog entry ;) You have been knitting up a storm, however. I just love seeing all of the gifts. I was not able to make any handknit gifts this year, due to the craziness of school work, etc. but I hope to make some for birthday gifts next year - a handknit gift really speaks volumes, I think. Yours are great!

    Thank you thank you for your wonderful words on my blog - you are so sweet.

    I wish you and your wonderful family a great Christmas!!!


    By Blogger Lolly, at 9:11 AM  

  • Your tree is so beautiful and full! Thanks for showing it off for me! I bet it smells good too ;)

    By Blogger Lolly, at 10:31 AM  

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