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Friday, February 24, 2006

just a little bit...

There will be some pictures of SMJ this weekend, but for now all you get is a picture of her blocking -just to prove that I did indeed finish. I am really happy with the way she turned out, and the buttons and ribbon are perfect.

Evidently Clyde thought I knit this for him, or maybe he was trying to help with the blocking process. Cats-you never can tell.

After I finished with SMJ, I felt a little lost. Considering that she had my undivided knitting attention the last couple of weeks, I had not even allowed myself to think of knitting anything else. The first thing I did Wednesday night while she was blocking was knit up some fingerless mitts for Adam and I. The pattern is from the book 'Weekend Knits', and surprise! the name of the pattern is Fingerless Mitts. How convenient. I made them extra "stubby", because Adam did not want them to get in the way of his typing on the keyboard at work, and I wear mine when I knit and did not want them catching on anything.

His are made from Bernat Lana, 100% merino wool, in the color Chocolate. Mine are just bits of leftover wool that I have thrown together in a bag, hence the funky stripe pattern. Yes, I am too cheap to throw any wool away, even if it is only a couple of yards. When your ghetto, your ghetto all the way.

The other thing I got crackin' on was another sweater for myself. Last month, I started
Forecast from Knitty, and if you recall I mentioned that it was coming out way too big (me and my inability to keep a stable gauge). I thought I would frog it back to where I began to go off course, but the more I looked at the pattern, the more I realized it was just not for me. The pattern is gorgeous-don't get me wrong-but I am already so big busted, plus my extra girth around the midsection, makes me think the sweater will never look good on me. The texture of the sweater is what makes it so appealing, but on me it might get lost among all my extra "texture". Sigh, maybe if I ever lose those 15 25 35 pounds. Until then, the yarn is such a great color, and I really would like to put it to good use, so last night I cast on the Drop-Stitch Cardigan from the Fall 2005 IK. This is a great "all purpose" cardi, one that I can throw on when I head out to the grocery store and still look like I didn't just throw something on (although that is exactly what I did. Get it? hee hee, I'm so clever!). I cast on shortly after the Olympics started at 8:00pm, and was almost done with the back when Sasha took the silver (go USA!-though really I am rooting for all the athletes, and was wiping the tears from my eyes when Silvia Fontana got done performing). Today I finished up the back, and made good progess on the left front. Miss V was home from school today and will also be home Monday due to mid-winter break, so that may be all the further I get until things return to normal Tuesday. We will see.

So, this weekend, I promise there will be a picture of me wearing my Sweet Mary Jane. Try to hold on-I know the suspense is killing you.


  • It IS killing me!! I got so excited when I saw your post, wondering if you were going to have pics of the completed SMJ. The blocking pics look gorgeous... a little appetizer to whet the palate. ;-) You fingerless mitts look fantastic, too!! You go, ghetto girl! I had to wipe a tear from my eye when I saw you salvaging your leftover scraps. You do the ghetto knitter in me proud. ;-) And I can't wait to see your Drop Stitch cardi!! I actually bookmarked that pattern last year for the exact reason you mentioned, plus it's such a pretty pattern. As much as I like the pattern, though, I'd never seen anyone knit it, so I'm so glad to see you making it!! It's going to be so pretty in that green. Can't wait to see the modeled SMJ!! Take care and have a great weekend, Teresa! :-) Love, c.

    By Blogger candsmom, at 2:26 AM  

  • Kitties are a very important part of the blocking process - my big fluffy orange cat loves to sit on my blocking knits, and I am often picking his hair out for days! hehe! Can't wait to see the model shots ;)

    I love that Drop Stitch cardi too - Amy at Boogie Knits made that pattern. She is a good designer! And the Forecast? I have been so tempted by that knit. I have seen some amazing ones knit up. I may wait till Project Spectrum is over (and some more weight is shed!) before I make it, but it is definitely on the list. Such a pretty sweater!


    By Blogger Lolly, at 1:52 PM  

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