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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Ok, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but there have been a few 'surprises' of late that have really taken me away from my blogging, and even my knitting. First though, my dear Forecast is just too big. Somewhere along the way, my gauge got off....and needless to say when I tried it on half way thru it was gigantic (not good for a 'fitted' sweater). So I am putting that aside right now, as much as I love the pattern, because the Knitting Olympics are coming up and I know I will be itching to do something new afterwards.

In other news, my sister found out that she is pregnant. This is a HUGE SURPRISE-especially for her. There is a long and complicated story that goes along, but I will spare the details. As for now, she is going to just focus on having the healthiest pregnancy she can (she has Crohn's), and getting things in her life together. As for the father, thankfully they are not married (he is a giant asshole), and this will be his third child with a third woman in just as many years. Ugh. And he does not support any of them (financially or emotionally), and he does not plan on helping with this one either (how can he-he has never had a job). Anyhow, my mom and dad are very worried (as you can see by the company she keeps my sister does not have the best, ummm, judgement), but also love my sister dearly and are going to be there for her-as am I. Adam and I are actually excited at the prospect of a new baby in the family (we have the only kids between my sister, brother and I), and have informed her that she may move in to our upstairs for the first few months after the baby arrives. Her roommate is a Physician's Assistant, and works a shift from 3:00pm-3:00am; this makes for some lonely nights with a new baby. Her Crohn's may very well flare up after the baby is born, as it often can, so she may have that on her plate as well. Truth be told, I have been waiting a long time to get my greedy little hands on a niece or nephew of my own (my brother-in-law has four kids-two are teenagers- and we are not close at all), so I am already acting like some eccentric aunt. Although I wish her Crohn's was in remission, and she had a partner ready to stand by her, I know she will love this baby like crazy-and her family is behind her 150%.

The other thing that has been bothering me involves my 13 year old cousin. She got herself involved with some online predators. So far involved that my aunt caught them driving by the house. The detectives have been talking to her, and unfortunately she is "not being completely honest with them"-their words, not mine. After watching Dateline last Thursday, this whole situation is all the more bothersome to me. Pardon my language, but the sick bastards who do this deserve a punishment far worse than anything our justice system can give them. It is just a scary thing, and something that could happen to any kid with a computer and time. Fortunately, my uncle got suspicious and was able to stop my cousin from running away. The awful part is they have no idea who this person(s) is/are, and they have another daughter who is 9. She is terrified-rightly so-and my uncle says she is their "watchdog", sitting at the window for hours. Hopefully the people involved will be stopped, as I hate to think what will happen to the next kid who's parents might not realize what is going on in time to prevent something awful from happening. The internet is such a wonderful thing, and I love the blog community, but things like this really make me sad-the sickos in the world just about ruin it for the rest of us.

I have lots more to share, but I am tired - emotionally and physically. I just got back from Miss V's skating party, and while there I cast on for my Red Hot Sizzling Socks. Here is my project so far:

I am using Moda*Dea Sassy Stripes in Crush, and the pattern 'Green Red Socks' from "The Ultimate Book of Knit Socks".

Alright, gotta go finish up some loose ends in preparation for the Olympics, and throw in a load of whites.

There is about to be a whole lotta crazy going on around here the next couple of months, not including the time I already sold to the devil devoted to the Knitting Olympics. Hope I am ready.....


  • First of all, congratulations to your sister and to you, wonderful Aunt T to be! ;-) A baby is always reason for joy and celebration, no matter what the circumstance may be. I'm so glad that your family is so supportive of your sister, and I'm hoping all the best for her. Ooh, all the wee baby clothes to knit!! :-) I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin- that's so awful! I can understand her sister's terror; I hope they catch that sicko soon. It makes me truly sick to think that there are people out there who would intentionally hurt a child. On a lighter note, your sizzling socks are smokin'! ;-) Wishing you all the best and hoping that you get some R&R and knitting soon- take care, Teresa! :-)

    By Blogger candsmom, at 5:01 AM  

  • Woah, this posting has so many similarities to my own life...very eerie. My sister has Crohns. She got married recently and I'm hoping that they'll have a child soon because I'm that one with the children right now...two girls, ages 13 and 9 and yes, I worry about my 13-year-old and computer predators constantly. She loves the internet and I warn her and warn her about the dangers of it in the hopes that she'll be safe. It's definitely a scary time for kids and we have to be very vigilant parents.

    By Anonymous Katrina, at 9:17 AM  

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