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Friday, July 21, 2006

.....and, I'm back!

Yes, if there ever was an award for a bad blogger, I would surely get it. This summer has been full of swimming, sun and fun-and very, very little knitting. I have sewn a few things, but nothing too exciting. However, seeing I am about to be made an official aunt on Sept. 7, and have been busily planning a baby shower, I realized at one time I was going to knit a few gifts. So Tuesday night I picked my needles back up and started working on some baby Blu jeans, made with "Aunt Lydia's Denim", and really have not had much time to knit on them but will hopefully have them done in time for the shower in two weeks, along with this sweater-done in colors appropiate for a boy of course.

My June sock yarn swap partner was Jenifer and she sent me some beautiful yarn which she called "Teresa'a Blues". I adore it, and started to knit some anklets with it right off, but then the thermostat shot up and my hands were too sweaty and yucky to work with it-and the thought of wool socks right now are the furthest thing from my mind (no, we do not have central air). Once it cools off again I am looking forward to picking them back up!

Adam and I both turned 33 this past month, which is really no biggie since 33 is not much different than 32. Talk to me again in 2 years when I am 35 and ask me how I feel. Anyhow, birthdays are always a good excuse to eat too much cake and ice cream, and that is just what we did-twice.

Alrighty then-hopefully more when the computer is cooperating better. It has been pain-in-the-ass slow lately, and Adam said he thinks it is time for an upgrade. Sounds to me like it is time to spend money on something that isn't yarn-no fun. Oh well, I go with the flow-or so they say. Later!


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